Join us for a celebration of life, nature, festivity, music and song, drums, jousting, belly dancers, vendors, fairies and bird of prey, fantastic food, and more! Saturday, September 30th, Sunday October 1thcelebration of life, nature, festivity, music and song, drums, jousting, belly dancers, vendors, fairies and bird of prey, fantastic food, and more!



  • OPENING TIME: at 10 am Saturday and Sunday, September 30th & October 1st.
  • TICKETS: are sold at the gate for 12.00 adults, $5 for 6-12, and under five are free!

  • ADVANCE TICKETS: Tickets are on sale at Sioux City and South Sioux City Hy-Vee Stores from September 1-30 for $10 each. 

Kingdom of Riverssance 2023 - 20 Years Strong

GPS LOCATION:  1301 Riverside Blvd, Sioux City, IA. 51109

Down where the mighty oaks rest along the banks of the Missouri River, you will find the Fun filled Renaissance village known as the Kingdom of Riverssance.

Step Into The Renaissance with full armoured Jousting, Birds Of Prey, Dragons, Belly Dancing, Fairies, Palm Reading, crafts and delicious food.

Hunter Moon - The Riverssance Faire

  • Village Children

  • Gallant Knights

  • Fairies

Family Bonding, a Celebration of Music and Dance!


Some tribes called this Moon the Hunter's Moon, as it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter.   We celebrate the final days of Autumn, the warmth of the hearth, family bonding, and a celebration of music and dance! 


Historical reenactments, delicious food, - a full-fledged Renaissance Festival await you. Richly Costumed characters roam the grounds to entertain children with magic, serpents, horses and birds.  A village market of artesian crafters circles the grounds for shoppers.   ATM Machines are available for the purchase of food and shopping. HUZZAH


AnnieO'Dell - Prairie Crone

Come see Mudman & The Crow Sisters and MUCH MORE!!

Our lovely Pub ladies will serve you drinks the days of Riverssance. Tickets are available in advance or at The Pub for the Saturday and Sunday Smoker. For this, ADULTS ONLY as entertainment can be bawdy.


30.09.2022 21:18

Nancy Miller

I cannot any información on the times of the different shows. Like Jousting, Birds of Prey, Fighting Knights. Please help.

29.09.2022 20:54


What time do you close sunday?

29.09.2022 03:45

Pam Bennett

Our ensemble is the Sioux City Renaissance Recorder Ensemble, (not Riverssance Woodwind Quartette.) (We have 5 people.)

06.10.2022 14:45

Lady Ann

Thank you, Pam., This update will be made for the 2023 Riverssance.

25.09.2022 21:55

Jeanette Wagner

Do you know what time the jousters are performing?

24.09.2022 19:13

Julia gallardo

Is there chainmaille jewelry to buy there

24.09.2022 17:45

Lady Ann

ATM Machines will be available for shoppers.

24.09.2022 17:40

Lady Ann

All hound owners must be responsible for their pet's behavior and kindness to children and carry a poo bag. The allowance of pets is subject to change.

24.09.2022 16:37

Lady Ann

If you are responsible to pick up their poop in consideration of the crowd.

20.09.2022 23:11


Are dogs allowed?

14.09.2022 05:59

Jeremy J

Are leashes dogs allowed to accompany their owners?

20.07.2022 18:30

Lady Ann

Advance tickets for adults will be available at the Sioux City & So Sioux City Hy Vee stores September 1-30 for $10 each.

01.10.2021 19:53

DeNise Bailey

How much are tickets at Hy vee

01.10.2021 06:32

Autumn Hamann

If your name is Autumn do you get in for free? 🤣

21.07.2022 00:39

Lady Ann

You Can Try!

20.07.2022 18:47

Lady Ann

Advance tickets for adults will be available at the Sioux City & So Sioux City Hy Vee stores September 1-30 for $10 each.

30.09.2021 16:07


What are the hours? Thanks

19.07.2022 13:01

Lady Ann

10:00 am Saturday to 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

23.09.2021 15:18


I looketh forward to filling thy lanes with music and song!

06.09.2021 21:30

Captain Leatherwing

Can't wait to be back in our fine Kingdom

05.09.2021 21:14

Karen Paulsen

I am so glad that you are returning this year! I have been to this event every year since it started. In my book it is the most fun event Sioux City has every year!! A must do!!!!

05.09.2021 18:32


What time does it end?

15.08.2021 21:52


Will there be a King’s Smoker again this year? If so when and how much approximately?

10.08.2021 15:23


Do you need tickets to attend?? If so where can they be purchased?

01.09.2021 00:45

Lady Ann

Tickets may be purchased at the entry gate which open 10:00 am each fair day.

01.09.2021 00:38

Lady Ann

Seperate Tickets available in advance or at The Pub for the Saturday Smoker and Sunday Smoker. ADULTS ONLY due to bawdy entertainment.

24.07.2021 08:06


Is there any requirements for fencing during the faire

01.09.2021 00:42

Lady Ann

Not Sure. Venders or entertainment must pay in advance of course. Ask questions concerning this:
(712) 277-4226
Typically replies within a day

01.09.2021 00:36

Lady Ann

Tickets on sale ALL OF SEPTEMBER at Sioux City and South Sioux City Hy-Vee Stores.Entry price on event dates is $10 adults, $5 6-12, under 6 is free!

08.11.2020 18:47

Mercedes Fritsch


02.11.2020 16:59

Byron Kevin Johns

Snyone recall the old drug store name in riverside early 70s

13.10.2020 14:27

Parker Kulas


09.10.2020 15:52

Kurtis Raynor


06.10.2020 13:14

Edd Maggio


05.10.2020 07:40

Antonia Aufderhar


03.10.2020 06:56

Hayden Kassulke Jr.

New Hampshire

30.09.2020 10:35

Troy Schmidt


29.09.2020 14:56

Xander Volkman

Ergonomic Soft Bacon

23.09.2020 14:25

Sincere Batz PhD


22.09.2020 09:28

Miss Diamond Daniel


22.09.2020 02:35

Ms. Victor Thiel


18.09.2020 19:10

Chloe Cormier


18.09.2020 02:23

Daija Abshire


08.09.2020 13:06

Briana Beatty

Personal Loan Account

07.09.2020 19:39

Abigail Heller


28.08.2020 21:12

Reginald Bednar


20.08.2020 14:29

Pamela Doyle

Intelligent Concrete Chair

16.08.2020 13:14

Mrs. Lonie Hartmann


12.08.2020 04:10

Nathen Bergstrom PhD


06.08.2020 06:57

Daija Schaefer


27.07.2020 06:04

Corine Zieme


24.07.2020 11:45

Dr. Albin Predovic


21.07.2020 17:52

Ms. Leda Kertzmann


21.07.2020 04:49

Bonita Carroll


15.07.2020 17:26

Ephraim Smith


12.07.2020 14:31

Dorcas Jerde


13.06.2020 09:57

Minerva Becker


07.06.2020 02:35

Merritt Rodriguez


03.06.2020 22:57

Miss Hilario Klein


03.06.2020 11:40

Godfrey Spinka DVM

Syrian Pound

01.06.2020 20:09

Jennyfer Hammes


01.06.2020 18:10

Liam Steuber


01.06.2020 07:14

Earnestine Aufderhar


29.05.2020 07:07

Ms. Clifford Huels


17.03.2020 13:41

Alford Jones PhD


10.03.2020 00:04

Winona Streich


29.02.2020 15:04

Laura Lubowitz


26.02.2020 16:51

Mattie Kerluke

Practical Plastic Bike

24.02.2020 22:44

Braeden Heller


04.10.2019 19:02


Are dogs allowed??

26.01.2020 22:22

Lady Anne

Dogs are allowed as long as you bring a poop bag. The grass they walk is the same grass faire goers, venders and bare foot fairies walk.

18.09.2019 16:29

Lady Ann

Hi All! For those with vendor questions please contact Diane under "Contact". She will be able to answer your questions. Thanks!

07.10.2018 18:03

Lady Ann

A beautiful and happy Saturday crowd. The sun broke through the clouds midafternoon. Belly dancers and fire hoops lit up the night to drums and acoustical music. Open Sunday rain or shine unti 4.

04.10.2018 13:18

Lady Anne

Dress in double capes or a warm coat as Saturday will be chilly! Crafters would do well to bring small heaters for their tents to warm their bones and attendees.

27.09.2017 18:03

Deanna Friel

I said That it was sort of like the old Nishna faire in that. Thank you for sharing your article about

25.09.2017 13:57


What times will Stary Olsa be playing?

08.08.2017 04:26

Rebecca M Trujillo

I really want to attend the next year event!

01.08.2017 03:12


When will this happen this year so I can take the day off.

04.07.2017 17:37

Deanna Friel

I was wondering the times of opening and closing. Yes it is surprising how many in the Sioux Land do not know of the jewel they have. Visit

04.07.2017 17:32

Deanna Friel

I was wondering the times of opening and closing. Yes it is surprising how many in the Sioux Land do not know of the jewel <a href=""> they have. </a>

26.05.2017 02:16

David H LeRoy

What are the dates for 2017?

02.10.2016 17:36


How can you be part of it?

01.10.2016 07:05


Are pets allowed

22.09.2016 14:36

Carrie miller

I was wondering the times of opening and closing. I didn't see it on the page

27.09.2016 10:44


13th Annual Riverssance Festival
October 1 - 10am to 7pm
October 2 - 10am to 5pm

12.09.2016 06:43


We must go have been trying for years and always find out after its over

21.09.2016 20:25

Lady Ann

Yes it is surprising how many in the Sioux Land do not know of the jewel they have. Do go! Dress warm!

10.05.2016 01:17

Lady Ann

Adults : $10, Youth (6-12) : $5, Kids (0-5) : $1
Parking : FREE

07.03.2016 14:45

Kimberly Blue

How much is tickets?

15.12.2015 17:30

07.11.2015 17:18

Lady Ann

The stage lights have dimmed on 2015 and the merriment returns Oct 1 & 2, 2016. Happy holidays to you

05.10.2015 03:09

lady ann

Dear Heather, the Renn fair is Always on the 1st weekend of it will be in 2016. Thanks!

05.10.2015 03:05

lady ann

What an amazing, wonderful, exhilarating and beautiful fair 2015 was blessed with!

04.10.2015 05:59

Heather Lau

Can you please tell me when this is going to be In 2016? I am planning a trip to Nebraska and Iowa and would like go to this.

21.09.2015 17:49

Lady Ann

Amazing Crafts, Belly Dancing, Fencing, Food, Falcons, wine, music and jousting!

21.09.2015 17:45

Lady Ann

Appropriate Attire for 1st weekend of Oct 2015 - Layers, Leggings, Cloaks - 60's Saturday, 70ish Sunday.

10.09.2015 13:03

Lady Ann

Accuweather prediction for first weekend of October is lower 70s. Lets hope there is a beautiful circle of trees in Autumn gold surrounding the park.

04.09.2015 07:07

Christine Beckham

This is so much fun my mother and I have been apart of it ever since it started there is fun for the whole family. Please come and join.

18.05.2015 16:54

Lady Ann

Once again it's time to set aside a weekend of October fun for the 12th annual Faire. Keep an eye out on the Accuweather forecast for proper attire.

05.10.2014 18:31

Lady Aann

Join us on the last day of a much warmer Riverssance! 1301 Council Oak Dr.,
Sioux City, IA 51109

05.10.2014 02:12

Lady Ann

An unexpected Goblin Wind came upon the Kingdom of Riverssance chilling it to the bone but the village lives on! Tomorrow warmer!

21.09.2014 02:04

Lady Ann

Accuweather Prediction for Riverssance Fair Weekend - mostly sunny and in upper 60's!

02.09.2014 17:25

Lady Ann

SIOUX CITY OCTOBER ACCUWEATHER PREDICTION: Saturday October 4th - Brilliant Sunshine 68 degrees. @ October 5th - Brilliant Sunshine 70 degrees

02.09.2014 17:18

Lady Ann

Wheel Chair Access is always welcome at the Kingdom of Riverssance. Service dogs are welcome. Dogs = Poop Bags. Please be compassionate to bare feet. Contact Phil on Contact Page. Thanks!

01.09.2014 15:26


Can I bring my licensed therapy dog with me? Can one use a motorized wheel chair at the site?

02.09.2014 17:00

Lady Ann

Please ask this question at the Riverssance Face Book page listed on the Contact Page. Thanks!

27.08.2014 14:26

Lady Ann

Like to have your Entertainer or Vendor Goods listed on this site? Business Cards will be gathered during the fair to list on our Vendor Page 2014!.

10.08.2014 17:32

Lady Ann

October 4th and 5th, Fair Days, Weather Prediction says clear skies 67 and 68 degrees! Judie we hope you found Howard!

21.05.2014 17:25


can someone tell me howard's last name? he is now living in belize and we are going there in july and want to hook up with him. HELP

15.03.2014 22:31

Lady Ann

Vendors Time to sign up and prepare wares for Kingdom of Riverssance 2014. Check out last years vendor shops on "Vendor Links".

08.10.2013 01:36

Lady Ann

Neither storms, cold nor tornado warnings kept Riverssance from closing. Lilting above the winds were song, joyous cheers and children laughing.

16.09.2013 06:33

Lady Ann

Almost here! First week end of October {5th and 6th} A wide assortment of Mid-evil entertainment, colorful clothing, shop keepers, Fairies, Falcons and Steeds.

25.06.2013 16:39

Lady Anne

Summer fire fly are out carrying a message from Riverssance! Prepare your wares, gather the steeds, and set a weekend aside for October Festivity.

27.04.2013 14:29

Lady Ann

Now is the time to consider your fair entry! A list of lodging, animal emergency care, as well as auto repair in the area keeps you safe and informed!

01.04.2013 00:10

Lady Ann

Hi Ho! Spring has arrived! Time to groom the steeds, prepare wares to sell for the fair, make vacation plans and vendors to submit entree forms. See "Contact"

11.12.2012 18:47


The ancient oak are resting within the Kingdom! {from Riverssance Facebook page.}

28.10.2012 02:55

caite bonham

This is a splendid page that is colorful and tasteful. We love being enticed by
the art and mystery of riverssance and the festive fairy by Annie O'Dell.

28.10.2012 13:34


Thanks Caite! We love all our entertainers and wanted a site that would honor the clean beauty of our ever growing and popular Riverssance. Many blessings!

27.10.2012 18:54


Amazing pictures, wonderful site!