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Phil Claeys


Riverssance, Riverssance, come join the fun of our Riverssance! When you arrive, you need to check in with Diane Gaskell.

GPS LOCATION: 1301 Riverside Blvd, Sioux City, IA. 51109






01.10.2022 15:49

Dakota Martin

Are unsheathed weapons allowed on the belt?

01.10.2022 17:06


Generally not. In the past, you declare your weapon and they secure it so you can still wear it.

09.07.2022 21:56


Hey u gotta update your dates to October 1&2 that's a Saturday and Sunday

19.07.2022 12:49

Lady Ann


25.03.2020 17:49

King Pellius

Administrator. Please update the dates on all pages to reflect October 3 & 4, 2020. Vendor information is being updated and sent out in the near future.
Gramercy, King Pellius

25.09.2018 22:56

Kevin Tobey

hello folks! I am coming to this delightful event and would love to bring my camera and shoot and shoot and shoot..... would this be acceptable?

27.09.2018 01:26


I'll be making some unusual bubbles that afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. If you want some pictures I'm fine with what ever you want to do of me and/or the bubbles.

03.11.2017 17:06

Deanna Friel

I really like your blog for those correct contents you are sharing.

02.10.2016 15:06

Traci Johnson

My daughter and I have gone to Riverdance s few times and really enjoyed it. My question is how do we become involved with this group?

04.10.2016 01:53

Lady Ann

To become a part of the group please go to the contact page of this site under "Menu" . Thanks!

06.10.2015 18:59


Who is that dashing Sir Joseph in the Jousting? I really liked him! I wish I had a better chance of talking with him more!

02.09.2014 23:16


May I bring my licensed therapy dog with me?

01.10.2016 07:09

David Green

Did you find out are pets allowed